The Comedy Store - Manchester

Regular Shows

 Stand Up Thursday

Three of the finest comedians plus an open spot take to the stage and perform extended sets. A great value midweek night out.

Best In Stand Up

Every Friday and Saturday

The finest Comedy Club in the land delivers five world class comedians. You will laugh out loud for over two hours. Avoid tears on arrival by booking in advance for these sell out shows.

If you missed out on a ticket for the 7pm show fear not, we have a 9.30pm show each Saturday. Aren't we nice.

'King Gong'

First Sunday of the Month

Gives Joe Public a chance show off their comedy talents by trying their luck with the Comedy Store audience, at the mercy of the Gong. The audience choose a winner, crowned ‘King Gong until the next month... A raucous night out, not for the faint hearted - performers or otherwise!

What is King Gong?

To register to take part in King Gong, please complete this form.

Any questions about the Gong? Any comments? Fancy a chat?

New Stuff!

Second & last Sunday each month

Resident MC Toby Hadoke presents Manchester's excellent Sunday showcase of all new, never been seen or heard before material.

Established acts from the circuit perform never before seen or heard brand new material in front of an expectant and appreciative audience.

New Comedians with Alex Boardman

Third Sunday of the Month

See the freshest and funniest new comedians of today flourish into the the future of stand up.

“Alex was one of a small band of writers who worked on the second series of John Bishop’s Britain on BBC 1 and he made a significant contribution to it being the highest rated stand up show of 2011 bringing in six million viewers a week. He can turn material around quickly and has the great skill of enhancing existing ideas to make a show better rather than just wishing to force his own material which makes him a great collaborator”

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Special Events at The Comedy Store

How To Make A Micro Budget Feature Film and Sell It
How To Make A Micro Budget Feature Film and Sell It
Monday 5th May 2014 - 9.30am

Party planning for all occasions
The Noise Next Door: The Noise Are Back In Town
The Noise Next Door: The Noise Are Back In Town
Monday 8th December 2014 - 8pm
An Evening with Shawn Michaels - Live Q & A
An Evening with Shawn Michaels - Live Q & A
Tuesday 29th April 2014 - 7pm