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Steve Hughes

Heavy Metal Comedy
Steve Hughes Heavy Metal ComedySteve Hughes Heavy Metal Comedy

Steve Hughes spent his formative years in Australia as heavy metal drummer! After ten years of recording and touring Steve gave up his job as a drummer and decided to start talking to the audience. Widely regarded one of the most esteemed and exciting stand up comedians working on the International circuit, Steve rocks the room with over 45mins of blistering political Stand Up, recorded live at The London Comedy Store.

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"…acutely observed and cutting bone-deep. Steve delves into gutsier territory – racism, terrorism, homophobia – with an honesty and openness rarely seen among comics. His insights are spot-on, his opinions are intelligent and his jokes are top class.” The Guardian

“This is exactly what political comedy should be intelligent, provocative, profound, and topped off with good, solid gags. See him while it's still legal.”

8 out of 10 - CD Review Terrorizer Mag.


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Steve Hughes: Heavy Metal Comedy: Live At the Comedy Store London (Unabridged)

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Track Listing

1. I'm Australian
1. not 100% Australian
2. No Smoking
3. Sydneyharbouroperahouse
4. Goths on the Beach
5. I Want to be European
6. The Sun's out in England
7. Drink Driving

8. Death Metal and Cooking
9. Straight is the New Gay
10. Nude in Shoes
12. War on Horror
13. The Dutch
14. Drugs (Of course)
15. Illusion of Boundries
16. High on Fire ( not so secret track)

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